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The Open Road

We all go toward it with a sense of adventure brewing in our minds. It’s the reason why we ride our motorcycles down that black top toward the horizon, but there are a lot of factors to think about when you are on the road. It’s usually the stuff we don’t think about when we … Continue reading The Open Road

Storm Riders: Safely Riding in the Rain

For a very long time the advice was consistent and clear; riding a motorcycle in the rain was a very bad idea. The truth is, it was a bad idea for a number of reasons, not the least of which were decreased visibility, and a severe lack of traction, not to mention that it can … Continue reading Storm Riders: Safely Riding in the Rain

What Bike Works For you?

When you are looking at motorcycles you tend find yourself submerged into a world filled with so many of the same thing it can be mind boggling. As a beginning rider you can find so many different styles of motorcycle but you should really buy the one that is right for your lifestyle, not just … Continue reading What Bike Works For you?

Riding In The Heat

A nice ride in the sun is always the dream for most bikers. Nothing can compare to a nice day while riding your bike, but the sun can be as much a friend as it can be an enemy. When you are riding in the heat you should really take some precautions. Having some of … Continue reading Riding In The Heat

When The Worst Happens

We all have that moment in the back of our minds. When we are riding, letting the road glide underneath us, while our engines roar into the sunset we have that notion itching the back of our heads. If the moment comes, if that car comes around the corner, what do we need to do? … Continue reading When The Worst Happens