36" Get Back Whip Black/White

Designer: Dealer Leather

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Back in the day, get back whips were used by bikers to let people know what club they belonged to and, when released from the handlebar, could be used as an actual whip. Today, bikers are able to use them to add a fantastic vintage look to their rides. Dream Apparel's beautiful new 36" Black and white hand-braided leather get back whip with a stainless steel quick-release clip woven to it is a perfect addition to any and every bikers collection. Tightly wrapped at the end with Black leather, with Black threaded fringe and a single silver skull tied to all of the fringes, our decorative get back whips are a great accessory and a fun way to make yourself more visible on the road.

  • Genuine, hand-braided leather around a nylon core
  • Solid, stainless steel heavy duty quick-release panic buckle
  • Tight, Black leather wrapping near end
  • Beautiful Black threaded fringe at end
  • 1 small silver skull tied to fringe
  • Clasp diameter 3/4" x 3/4"
  • 36" length
  • 1/2" diameter

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