Riding In The Heat

A nice ride in the sun is always the dream for most bikers. Nothing can compare to a nice day while riding your bike, but the sun can be as much a friend as it can be an enemy. When you are riding in the heat you should really take some precautions. Having some of this stuff will help you survive the harsh environment of the world during the summer time. Check out what you need to have on hand to live to tell the tale of sunshine!


Now your skin is not actually plates of armor, even when it simulates it after being burned multiple times. Even though we like to think that our skin can naturally take the heat, it has been shown through science that it doesn’t. That is unless you apply some sun block to save it and if you don’t then you are going to get some bad cancers down the road. If you are tempted to ride without a jacket, use a vest at least, because your torso houses your organs which can be very important to living.

Keeping Cool

Your bike can easily over heat out there and if it doesn’t you surely can as you are riding right on top of it. One way to make sure you can still drive your bike without passing out is to wear a helmet that allows for air flow around your head. Also, making sure your noggin has some kind of cool compress will help.


Water is important to you and your machine. Keeping a few jugs on the bike for just in case overheating occurs can save you during your trip, and using a camel back for yourself will allow you access to water without having to use your hands.