What Bike Works For you?

When you are looking at motorcycles you tend find yourself submerged into a world filled with so many of the same thing it can be mind boggling. As a beginning rider you can find so many different styles of motorcycle but you should really buy the one that is right for your lifestyle, not just because it is cool looking; though that should be heavily considered. Here are some thoughts to go over when you are browsing for a motorcycle!
Daily or Weekend?
Are you going to get a bike for a weekend jaunt or a daily rider that will save you fuel between your home and your office? If you are looking for a weekend warrior package, you should keep an eye out for the more custom bikes. Hogs are a blast on those sunny days when you go riding with your friends. If you need a daily rider, you are going to want something that supports a higher sitting position for maximum comfort. Leaning looks cool, but your back and legs will become very uncomfortable if you use it every day.
Speed or Cruise?
If you are looking to go riding on a great day but you don’t care about when you get there then a cruiser will be the best way to get around. Hogs are a great looking bunch and they evoke that old school styling that makes bikes look eternally cool. They have pep but they won’t rip your head off if you hit the throttle. If you are looking for something that will break the sound barrier you should look at the foreign bikes. Stuff from Europe or Asia will satisfy your need to fly and push yourself to the ragged edge.