When The Worst Happens

We all have that moment in the back of our minds. When we are riding, letting the road glide underneath us, while our engines roar into the sunset we have that notion itching the back of our heads. If the moment comes, if that car comes around the corner, what do we need to do? Accidents happen every day, and if you are not prepared for this possible outcome, you are going to be sorry or dead. Not to get morbid about this, but let’s face it, motorcyclists tend to not fair well in accidents involving themselves and a three ton vehicle.
Choose your Times and Locations Carefully
Driving in the rain may sound like fun, but it’s very dangerous. So is driving at night in areas that have moose and deer, driving without proper lights or on damaged roads, and so on. The best way to survive an accident is to avoid it in the first place.
Wear Safety Gear
Yes, this is the basic thing you can do, but plenty of riders out there do not even toss on a helmet. There are so many different devices that are built to keep you in one piece. Items like an airbag for your neck, knee pads, and armor built into the jackets we wear are all here to keep us alive. Use them and a helmet and you’ll have a better chance of walking away from an accident.
Know When To Lay It Down
Laying down your bike is one of the worst feelings a rider can have because it will cause some damage; but of course in some circumstances the alternative is you being dead. Laying down a bike has saved many a riders life because when an accident is coming your way you are better off being away from it and sometimes that might even mean leaving your bike behind.
Go Limp
Do not tense up when you are about to hit the pavement. This is the hardest thing anyone can do because your natural instinct is to brace yourself, but you are only inviting pain and damage by doing this. A limb that is loose is more than likely able to distribute the momentum being applied to it and moving that force around as much as possible is very important. If a stiff limb hits something, the point of most resistance will take the brunt of it, and that means broken bones.